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Transform your work with our groundbreaking solution, turbocharging, for instance, the research and writing process by an incredible 100 times.

Self-Evolving Systems

Developing groundbreaking products that revolutionize application development with its self-evolving and self-healing frameworks.

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Say welcome to a new era of unparalleled productivity. Unleash your creativity and achieve more than ever before. 

WoRld-CLass Research & Development


Our vision is to pioneer an AI-first open-source platform in Europe, dedicated to democratizing the latest advancements in AI.

Including breakthroughs like GPT-4 and other proprietary technologies. We firmly believe in catalyzing Europe’s resurgence as a global leader in the AI domain by fostering an open market.

SymbolicAI Framework

Building applications with large language models at the core using our Symbolic AI facilitates the integration of classical and differentiable programming in Python.

Neuro-Symbolic AI Spectrum

We develped an innovative framework designed to orchestrate operations through task-specific prompts. Embracing a divide-and-conquer strategy, we dissect complex challenges into smaller, more digestible components. This method ensures that each operation tackles a more straightforward aspect of the task. Upon reintegration, these segmented operations collectively address the larger, intricate problem. Furthermore, the foundational principles of our framework facilitate a fluid transition between differentiable and classical programming models. This integration capitalizes on the strengths of both paradigms, offering a robust and versatile solution.

Neuro-Symbolic Computational Stack

Our system thrives on the principle that as long as objectives are articulable in natural language, LLMs become powerful tools for neuro-symbolic computations. We’ve engineered operations that adeptly manipulate these symbols to create new, meaningful constructs. Each symbol is interpreted as a discrete statement, and by amalgamating multiple statements, we construct comprehensive logical expressions.

Software 3.0

In the realm of software evolution, our framework represents a significant leap, bridging the gap between classical programming (Software 1.0) and differentiable programming (Software 2.0). This transition occurs along two critical dimensions: firstly, moving seamlessly between traditional and differentiable programming paradigms; and secondly, shifting effortlessly between generalist and specialist models. This dual adaptability forms the cornerstone of what we term in-context realization of applications, a concept central to Software 3.0. In this new era, applications are not static; they are dynamic entities capable of evolving over time. This fluidity and adaptability mark a radical departure from conventional software design, reflecting a more organic and responsive approach to software development.

Self-Improving Large Language Models


We are creating agents that can self-improve based on their own experiencesand predictions.

Our WebDreamer research allows us to evaluate & train LLMs as web agents as shown in the WebArena benchmark with synthetic data using DataDreamer and evaluations using the VERTEX score from SymbolicAI.



What Others SAY ABOUT US

Building applications with LLMs at the core using our SymbolicAI framework facilitates the integration of classical and differentiable programming in Python.

Sepp Hochreiter

“Happy to share this recent work on ‘A Neuro-Symbolic Perspective on Large Language Models (LLMs)’. It bridges the gap between classical programming (Software 1.0) and differentiable programming (Software 2.0) by combining the power of LLMs and a symbolic approach.”

Alexander Morrise

“Working on SymbolicAI now – great work! This will be foundational!”

Thomas Wildberger

“Very nice. I love it. Totally confident that SW developers in a few years will learn a development paradigm like that in their training.”

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We specialize in developing generative AI solutions that combine neuro-symbolic systems, blending symbolic reasoning’s precision with the adaptability of neural networks. Our approach, focused on advanced large language models (LLMs), excels in processing and translating complex documents across diverse sectors. This innovative blend of technology facilitates the simplification of intricate texts, making them accessible and comprehensible to a broader audience.


News Websites

Generating entire news Websites summarizing several sources


Code an entire Unity Plugin with an
Unity C# Coding Assistant


Creating Multi-Modal Chatbots that
can use tools


Generate entire documents based on original sources


AI Platform

For more information on collaboration opportunities, please feel free to contact us.

Our Expertise

15+ Years of Experience in Research & Development

We are a team o highly qualified researchers, developers and business leaders, with a global network of industry leading contacts.

Deep Learning
Commercial Experience
Extensive Network


Business Strategy – Marketing

Markus Hofmarcher

Machine Learning
Senior Researcher

Claudiu Leoveanu-Condrei

Machine Learning
Senior Researcher


Senior Fullstack

Marius-Constantin Dinu

Machine Learning
Research Director


Senior UI/UX

John Chong Min Tan

PR / Machine Learning Researcher


Sepp Hochreiter

We are honored to introduce Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sepp Hochreiter, an esteemed computer scientist renowned for his pioneering contributions to machine learning and artificial intelligence. He has made significant strides in the research field, notably co-developing the Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) neural network architecture, and with numerous accolades under his belt, including the German AI Innovation Award for 2023, he continues to influence the advancement of AI with proficiency and foresight.

Andreas Windisch

We are honored to introduce Dr. Andreas Windisch, a theoretical physicist with a profound dedication to artificial intelligence and high-performance computing. As a passionate researcher and AI Austria Chief Science Officer, Dr. Windisch applies his expertise to advance cutting-edge research and foster collaborative innovation across varied disciplines and AI ecosystems.


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